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Hackers, New Year's day doesn't holiday! Use DuBa hesui edition emergency relief
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Interface quickly molding, the default
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8, about COUNTIF
Specific operation method is as follows:
Use images replace text
Digital format batch conversion
3, graphic mix row skills
New screen intercepted function, operation on quite intuitive convenient
With new backend examines, replace the old file menu
8 form repeat title once set
just a small set can do it
Tip: at the form of the scale accuracy for 0.01 characters.
2 use "+" and "-" number qiao system form
Now try to open just saved "worksheet word" version of files to see, isn't convert perfectly?
How will Excel form convert Word doc?
Add button
Edit macro
Step 2: choose to print area, hold the Shift key put - edition - duplicate picture - sure.
3. Select the "common document"
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